Venue and Accomodations

The center for all conference activities will be the Keystone Resort and Conference Center.  The conference center will host up to six parallel sessions at a time as well as large plenary sessions, poster sessions and the vendor exhibit.  Keystone Resort is conveniently located just a few miles off I-70 and has numerous summer activities including mountain biking, white water rafting, hiking, and fly-fishing.  The Conference center is immediately adjacent to Keystone Lodge & Spa and the Lakeside Village.

A Note of Caution

Attendees are cautioned that Keystone is at a rather high elevation (9,300 feet or 2,800 m) and some attendees may experience difficulties with the altitude at first.  In order to avoid experiencing altitude sickness, guests are encouraged to limit their physical exertion for the first day or two and drink plenty of water.  For some guests, consumption of alcoholic beverages may aggravate these effects.

The summer weather in Keystone is temperate, but the sunlight is intense.  Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen, wear a hat and, again, drink plenty of water when engaging in outdoor activities.


It is the responsibility of the conference attendees and their families to have their own medical insurance.  The conference, the organizing committee, the American Association for Crystal Growth and the International Organization for Crystal Growth and their officers bear no responsibility for medical care for conferees and their families.