IOCG Prizes

Since 1989 at ICCG-9 (Sendai), the International Organization for Crystal Growth (IOCG) has sponsored two triennial prizes, the Frank Prize and the Laudise Prize. Beginning in 2004 at ICCG-14 (Grenoble), there was a new triennial IOCG prize, the Schieber Prize, sponsored by the Journal of Crystal Growth. These prizes consist of a commemorative item plus an invitation and financial support to present the work that is the subject of the award at the ICCGE meeting at which the award takes place. The awardees are expected to deliver invited talks during the conference. The Prize Committee has been constituted by the International Organization for Crystal Growth and nominations guidelines are open:

Frank and Laudise Prizes

The IOCG Frank Prize is awarded for significant fundamental (not necessarily theoretical) contributions to the field of crystal growth. The IOCG Laudise prize is presented for significant technological (not necessarily experimental) contributions to the field of crystal growth. Both awards are made for outstanding contributions to the field of crystal growth through technical achievements, publications and presentations and through their impact world-wide on science and technology.

Schieber Prize

The IOCG Schieber prize is awarded to a young author to recognize his or her outstanding scientific publications in the field of Crystal Growth. The prize shall be awarded to one person who is an early career worker. The publications for which the award is made should consist of a paper or series of papers, published prior to the opening of that ICCG. The criteria for selection should be scientific excellence, clarity of presentation and impact on the field of crystal growth. This prize is sponsored Elsevier and the Journal of Crystal Growth in memory of its Founding Editor.