Robert Feigelson, Stanford University, USA  

Introduction to Crystal Growth and History of Crystal Growth


Detlef Klimm, Leibnitz Institute, Germany

Thermodynamics of Crystal Growth


Jeff Derby, University of Minnesota, USA

Transport Phenomena in Crystal Growth


Elias Vlieg, Radboud Univ., The Netherlands

Nucleation and Growth Kinetics


Chung Wen Lan, National Taiwan University

Bulk Crystal Growth from Melt


Mark Goorsky, University of California – Los Angeles, USA

Defects and Impurities


Sarah Kurtz, University of California – Merced, USA

Characterization and In situ Observation


Tania Paskova, North Carolina State University, USA

Epitaxial and Vapor Growth


Satoshi Uda, Tohoku University, Japan

Bulk Growth of Oxide Materials


Darrell Schlom, Cornell University, USA

Growth of Advanced Complex Oxides


Robert Fornari, Univ. di Parma, Italy

Crystal Growth of Materials for Energy

Zakaria Al Balushi (UC-Berkeley, USA)

Crystal Growth of Low Dimensional Materials


Kevin Roberts, Univ. of Leeds., UK

Bulk Growth of Organic Materials