Plenary Speakers:

James DeYoreo (PNNL)

     "They Call it 'Free Energy' So, Hey Why Pay?"


Thierry Duffar (SIMAP EPM)

    "Defect Engineering in Bulk Crystal Growth"

Robert S. Feigelson

     "A Retrospective on the American Association for Crystal Growth on its 50th Anniversary"

Kei May Lau (HKUST)

     "Advantages and challenges of growing III-V photonic and electron devices on Si by OMVPE"

Topics and Session Chairs

Special Session: George Gilmer

Chair:  Luis Zepeda-Ruiz (LLNL)

Special Session: Michael Schieber

Chiar: Jerry Stringfellow (University of Utah)

Fundamentals of Crystal Growth

Co-Chair: Baron Peters (UCSB)

Co-Chair: Boaz Pokroy (Technion)

                Jim DeYoreo (PNNL)

                Peter Vekilov (University of Houston)

                Mu Wang (Nanjing)

Invited Speakers:

            Peter Vekilov (University of Houston)

            Frans Spaepen (Harvard)


Modeling of Crystal Growth Processes  - ICCGE/OMVPE  

Chair: Simon Brandon (Technion Israel Inst Tech)        

           Wolfram Miller (IKZ)

           Moneesh Upmanyu (Northeastern)

           Talid Sinno (University of Pennsylvania)

           Thierry Duffar (CENG, France)   

Invited Speakers:

           Liverios Lymperakis

           Natasha Dorpka


Bulk Crystal Growth                       

Chair: Merry Koschan  (Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville)

           Seth Bank (UT Austin)

           Michal Bockowski (UNIPRESS, Poland)

           Antoni Dabkowski (McMaster)

           Christo Guguschev (Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth)

           Seyed Koohpayeh (JHI)

           Aleks Ostrogorsky (IIT)

Invited Speakers:

           Daniel Rytz (FEE)

           Robert Král (FZU)

           Tomasz Sochacki (Institute Physics of the Polish Academy of  


Nonlinear Optical and Laser Host Materials                         

Co-chair: Yasunori Furakawa (OXIDE Corp.)             

Co-chair: Kevin Zawilski (BAE Systems)

                Peter Schunemann (BAE Systems)  


Invited Speakers:

                Yushi Kaneda (University of Arizona zona and Oxide Corp.)

                Dan Perlov (IPG Photonics Corp.)

                Kevin Stevens (Northrup Grumman Synoptics)

                Shekhar Guha (Air Force Research Laboratory)


Biological and Biomimetic Materials                       

Chair: David Kisailus (University of California, Riverside)

Detector Materials: Scintillators and Semiconductors       

Co-Chair: Edith Bourret (UC Berkeley)

Co-Chair: Mariya Zhuraleva (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

                Seth Bank (UT Austin)

                Candace Lynch (Inrad)


Industrial Crystal Growth Technology and Equipment      

Chair: Matt Whittaker (Gooch & Housego)

Invited Speakers:

                Professor Kei Kamada (Tohoku University)

                   "Development of mass production technology of                                           Ce:Gd3(Ga,Al)5O12 scintillator for radiation imaging                                   applications"

                Professor Akira Yoshikawa (Tohoku University)

​                    "Development of bulk crystal growth technology for novel                             functional crystals and their social implementation"

                Nadine Schuler




                Gisele Maxwell



                     GROWTH: A REVIEW"


Advanced Equipment and Growth Technology    

Chair: Kou Matsumoto (Taiyo Nippon Sanso, Japan)

           Michael Heuken (Aixtron)

           Xiaohang Li (KAUST)

           Akinori Ubukata (Taiyo Nippon Sanso, Japan)


Invited Speakers:

           Gary S. Tompa (SMI)

              "High temperature OMVPE for new materials growth"

           Tetsuo Narita (Nagoya University - Toyota Central Research Lab)

              "Growth of high purity GaN for vertical electron devices and

              characterization of electron and hole traps"

           Iwan Davies (IQE)  

               "MOCVD in production-today and future challenges"


Surfaces and Interfaces 

Chair: Elias Vleig (Radboud University)

          Martin Albrecht (Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth)

          Kerstin Volz (Marburg)


In situ Observation and Characterization              

Co-chair: Matt Highland (Argonne National Laboratory)

Co-chair: Katsuo Tsukamoto (Tohoku University)

Invited Speakers:

           Randy Headrick (University of Vermont)


           Gen Sazaki (Hokkaido University)

              "Optical In-Situ Microscopic Observation of Ice Crystal Surfaces"


           James J De Yoreo (PNNL)

Characterization Techniques for Bulk and Epitaxial Crystals          

Chair: Mark Goorsky (UCLA)

          Mike Dudley (Stony Brook University)

          Holger   Eisele (TU Berlin)

          Motoaki Iwaya (Meijo University, Japan)

Invited Speakers:

          Andrea Lenz

          Martin Holt

          Hideto Miyake

          Tomoyuki Tanikawa


Thin Film Growth, Epitaxy, and Superlattices       

Co-chair: Ferdinand Scholz (Ulm)

Co-chair: Masakazu Sugiyama (University of Tokyo)

                Seth Bank (UT Austin)

                Xiuling Li (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne)

                Kunal Murkherjee (USCB)

                Kevin Schulte (NREL)

Invited Speaker: 

           Luke Mawst



           Wiebke Hahn


Nanocrystals, Quantum Dots, and Nanowires                     

Chair:     George Wang (Sandia National Laboratories)

               Alok Rudra (EPFL)

               Hoe Tan (Australian National University)

Invited Speakers:

               Erik Bakkers (TU Eindhoven)

2D Materials and Devices                           

Jim Maslar (NIST)

Suzanne Mohney (Penn State)

Joan Redwing (Penn State)


Materials for Photovoltaics and Other Energy Technology             

Chair: John Geisz (NREL)

           Kamran Forghani (Microlink)

           Aaron Ptak (NREL)

           Kevin Schulte (NREL)

           Masakazu Sugiyama (University of Tokyo)

           Hoe Tan (ANU)

Invited Speakers:

           NED Ekins-Daukes (UNSW)

              “Strain-balanced quantum well solar cells”

           Bill McMahon (NREL)

               “Fundamentals of Coalescence-Related Dislocations”

           Takeyoshi Sugaya (AIST)

               “High speed growths of III-V materials using MOVPE and HVPE                for low cost photovoltaics”


Selective and Patterned Epitaxial Growth             

Chair: Yuji Zhao (Arizona State University)

           Seth Bank (UT Austin)

Invited Speaker:

           Chris Palmstrom

           Jung Han


III-V Epitaxial Growth for Devices             

Chair: Luke Mawst (University of Wisconsin)

          Amy Liu (IQE)

          Christopher Pinzone (Thor Labs)

          Jae-Hyun Ryou (University of Houston)

          Kevin Schulte (NREL)

          Marcus  Weyers (Ferdinand Braun)

Invited Speakers:

          Kolja Haberland (Laytec)

             “State-of-the-art in-situ metrology during OMVPE in academic

              research and industry”

          Ryan France (NREL)

              “Graded buffer Bragg reflectors for metamorphic solar cells”

          Kevin Lascola (Thorlabs)

              "Trends in Mid IR Quantum Cascade and Interband Cascade



III-V's on Silicon

Chair: Kei May Lau (University of Hong Kong)

          Seth Bank (UT Austin)

          Bernardette Kunert  (IMEC)                  

          Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik (State University of New York  

          Polytechnic Institute)

Invited Speaker:

             Gregor Koblmueller

             Qiang Li

III-V Wide Bandgap Nitride Semiconductors and Devices               

Ramon Collazo (North Carolina State University)

Daniel Feezell (University of New Mexico)

Jung Han  (Yale University)    

Jennifer Hite (NRL)

Isik Kizilyalli (U.S. Department of Energy)

Zetian Mi (University of Michigan)

Hideto Miyake (Mie University)

Yasu Nanishi (Ritsumeikan University)

Tim Wernicke (TU Berlin)

Christian Wetzel (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Invited Speaker:

          Tetsuya Takeuchi          

          Elison Matioli (EPFL Lausanne)

             "Nitride high power transistors"

          Ramon Collazo


Narrow Bandgap Semiconductors and Devices    

Chair: Simon Watkins (Simon Fraser University)

          Ganash Balakrishan (University of New Mexico)

          Seth Bank (UT Austin)

          Leon Shterengas (Stonybrook)


BN Epitaxial Growth and Characterization                           

Hongxing Jiang (Texas Tech)

Tony Rice (Sandia National Laboratories)

Sergei Novikov (University of Nottingham, UK)

Invited Speaker:

            Michael Snure 


Silicon Carbide Materials and Devices     

Chair: Govindhan Dhanaraj (Aymont Technology)

          Michael Dudley (Stony Brook University)

          Balaji Raghothamachar (Stony Brook University)

Invited Speaker:

           Alex Galyukov

          Santhanaraghavan Parthasarathy

Gallium Oxide Materials and Devices      

Co-Chair: Shizuo Fujita (Kyoto University, Japan)

Co-Chair: Kevin Stevens (Northrup Grumman Synoptic)


Invited Speaker:

            Adam Lindsey


OMVPE Workshop                         

Robert Biefeld (Consultant)

Russell Dupuis (Georgia Institute of Technology)

John Geisz (NREL)

Luke Mawst (University of Wisconsin)

Joan Redwing (PSU)

Jae-Hyun Ryou (University of Houston) 

Shadi Shahediipour-Sandvik (State University of New York Polytechnic Institute)

Christine Wang (MIT LL)

Simon Watkins (Simon Fraser University)


Special Symposia

Symposium on 2D and other Low-dimensional Materials

Co-chair: Kevin Daniels (University of Maryland)

Co-Chair: Kurt Gaskill (NRL)

Invited Speakers

Symposium  on Epitaxy of Complex Oxides

Co-chair: Ho Nyung Lee (Oak Ridge Nat'l Laboratory)

Co-Chair: Judith Driscoll (University of Cambridge)

Co-Chair: Darrell G. Schlom (Cornell University)

Invited Speakers


Symposium on Ferroelectric Crystals and Textured Ceramics

Co-Chair: Jun Luo (TRS Technologies)

Co-Chair: Rich Meyer (Penn State)

Co-Chair: Zuo-Guang Ye (Simon Fraser University)

Co-Chair: Shujun  Wang (U Wollongong Australia)

Invited Speakers